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  •          NEW Online STORE in 2020

  •          NEW sizes and package specials coming in 2022
  •          OPPORTUNITIES: Dealer, Distributors and Jobbers 

  •           Car Club Specials available


            Sold at EXPO's like Car, Motorcycles, Boat, Rv and Home Shows. Also State Fairs



2022 Season - Specials
Price increase: do to frieght, usps, raw materials, diesel, etc.. Customers at shows agreed better too raise prices than compromise quality. Thanks a million for understanding. John.    
 Free Shipping with All Orders.
       Super Special  * Any THREE items listed $120 *
         (includes shipping with USPS Tracking, sales tax, and credit card charge.) 
                                       BONUS Special : Free Micro fiber starter kit ($20 value) 
  • 32 oz. Dry Wash and Wax
  • 32 oz. Euro class-Cream Wax
  • 32 oz. Sling free-Tire Shine
  • 16 oz. One Step - Metal Polish          
            N0N-Computer customers can call John to order : 610-348-8999  



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                   You tube - demo video contest.
                             Best You tube Video *WINS $100* Package!
                                Show us how U Perfect Wax * Oh Yea!




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